Meet Our HVAC Specialists

Who We Are

Since 2006 we’ve been Lake Norman’s HVAC specialists. Based in Mooresville, NC, our founders had served many roles in other HVAC companies for many years and had decided that there must be a better way to do business with the customer being the top priority over profit. Since our team members had learned so much about the industry, gained all the necessary certifications necessary and were so successful, we knew bringing all of these assets together would benefit our industry, our neighbors and our community.

As our children went to our local schools, engaging in sports, clubs and extracurricular activities we found that other parents and families wanted a better option for a more honest and trustworthy service experience as well. We then began the process to start the process to create an HVAC repair and replacement company that truly Offers Honest, Friendly, Knowledgeable Service with Affordable Value.

We take pride in our work, our team and who we are because we know we are doing right by our customers, neighbors and friends. This is what sets us apart.

Contrary to what many clients have told us, we are a smaller company and we prefer it this way. By staying smaller we have lower overhead, better quality control and a personal relationship with our customers. If we get too big, we may lose our core values which has made us one of the highest rated companies in Mooresville. Our team pledges to keep you and your needs a top priority because we couldn’t have made it to where we are today without you! Contact the HVAC specialists at Race City Heating & Air today.

Our philosophy is simple, take care of you with Honesty, Integrity & Respect



Give you solutions that you can use, need or want. Nothing more!



We will give you honest solutions. We pride ourselves in only offering you services that benefit you and your family.



Respect and protect you, your home, your property and your family as we would our own family, whether it’s a small repair or a new HVAC system installation.